Cooperation with departments in the field of Single Collection of Measures

Cooperation with departments in the framework of a Single Collection of Measures is carried out by the interdepartmental working group to improve the regulatory and business environment in which they are designated so-called coordinators and their deputies from all ministries, GSV and SVZ.

Their task is to act on their own ministry as a single point for preparation of better regulations and eliminating administrative barriers. Coordinators report to us through the web application 3 times a year on implementation of measures from a single collection of measures. On them, we address all suggestions we receive through the STOP bureaucracy, they are also involved in the implementation of the project SME test - a single editorial policy and public participation in drafting regulations. Two times a year we also have meetings with the coordinators. We meet with the coordinators of each ministry separately and reviewed any delays, current status and planned activities in the future.